Best Shilajit Brand in India

Best Shilajit Brand

AlgEnergy Nutra  is an ayurvedic shilajit brand with products that heals you from the inside.

All their products are curated scientifically at their R&D center of Ayurveda with the guidance of PhDs and Ayurveda acharyas.

Shilajit, also known as black bitumen in English, is a resin-like substance primarily found in the Himalayas.

It doesn’t have any plant or animal origin; instead, it is made from the mineral pitch that is made up of humus and

decomposed matter from rocks present at an altitude of 1000 to 5000 metres above sea level.

It is popularly known to increase vitality, body stamina, and libido and can help rejuvenate the whole body.

Further in this blog we will discuss about best Shilajit brands in India

Best Shilajit Brands in India you can explore

While shilajit can benefit you in a number of ways, it is also important to select the purest form of shilajit

to extract its full benefits.

Moreover, a degraded or adulterated form of shilajit may cause ill effects or no health effects at all.

This article enlists the top shilajit brands available in the Indian market that are a symbol of quality as well as 100% authentic. 

Himalayan Shilajit 10g MRP:₹699.00

Himalayan Shilajit 20g MRP:₹1,399.00

Himalayan Shilajit Resin 40g MRP:₹2,399.00

Best Shilajit Brand

Features of AngEnergy Nutra Shilajit are:

  • Pure Shilajit Sourced From 21000 ft. in the Himalayas
  • GMP Certified Facility
  • Shilajit comes in resin form
  • AlgEnergy Shilajit Plus is a popular name in ayurvedic brands and is based on 150 years long old ayurvedic legacy.
  • They use natural and standardised ingredients to deliver high-quality ayurvedic products.

Shilajit Plus  30 Capsules


AlgEnergy Shilajit Plus features are

  •  Also contains Safed muesli, Ashwagandha, Kaunch Beej
  • 100+ FDA Approved Formulations
  • GMP Certified
  •  30 Capsules
  • AlgEnergy Nutra is acknowledged as an ayurvedic leader in India and was established in the year 1991.

It is known for integrating modern techniques with traditional ayurvedic techniques to enhance the quality of its products.

Features of  Shilajit Capsule

  • Capsule Form
  • Contains 800mg of  Shilajit 
  • No hidden Ingredients

AlgEnergy Nutra Pure Nutrition Triple Gold : It manufactures and markets 100% natural nutritional supplements that enhance health naturally. All its products are cruelty-free. They take up their ingredients from the safest natural sources from which you can benefit.

Shilajit Gold 30 Capsules


Features of Pure Nutrition Shilajit Triple Gold

AlgEnergy Nutra Premium Shilajit brand is run by individuals whose purpose is to promote good health and happiness. It has earned a good name in the market for its natural products. 

Features of  AlgEnergy Premium Shilajit are

  • Hand Harvested
  • Each batch is tested for purity
  • Pure Resin form
  • Preservative Free

A Pure form of shilajit, can do wonders for the body.

  • Contains herbs like Ashwagandha, Jaiphala etc.
  • Naturally Sourced Ingredients
    • Science-based Formulations

Shilajit is loaded with minerals, which exert many health benefits like antioxidant properties,

help prevent anaemia, improve libido, increase stamina and much more. So, go on and shop from our recommended list and

enjoy shilajit benefits.

In oil from also available

 Shilajit Oil 25 ml


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