I love protein powder. Increasing my protein powder intake has helped tremendously in my weight loss journey.

protein powder
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I felt stronger I felt fuller i felt like i wasn’t hungry all the time that also meant that I could better commit to intermittent fasting which has also been really helpful.

So protein is like a big win but do you have to have like a certain type of protein or get it from a certain source to get all of those benefits .

Do you really need to buy protein powders. And am i really not lose weight by just having a protein shake a day .

Those are all really good questions i’ve had them along the way as well and so today let’s talk about those.

I’ll give you the answers so let’s get started all right so i’ve talked about .

You need to be in a caloric deficit this is also called a hypocaloric state that means you need to be consuming

less calories than you’re burning in a day. If you eat over the amount that you’re

burning in a day you’re typically not going to lose weight you might add weight.

A caloric deficit or a hypocaloric state research has shown that having a high protein intake 1.2 to 1.6 grams

of protein per kilogram of body weight.

Spread across the day in 25 to 30 gram servings enhances reductions in body weight body fat

and triglycerides along with preserving your body’s fat free mass .

To maintain the number of calories your body is already burning at rest so that means your existing muscle and

your metabolism and those are all super high benefits now this protein doesn’t need to come from protein supplements

as long as you’re hitting your daily protein goals and you’re getting that through high quality lean protein sources.

That’s providing your body with the amino acids your body’s going to get what it needs including protein from plant sources .

protein powder
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However that doesn’t mean that protein supplements and protein powders aren’t going to be helpful to get you there a

s well for weight loss protein powders can be an extremely helpful .

Convenient way to hit those protein targets especially when you’re wanting to be cutting out

calories but not all protein powder are created equal .

There are some that have more sugar and other ingredients less than protein .

So you need to pay attention to those because they vary dramatically Whey protein has actually been tested in studies for this purpose but it doesn’t have to be whey protein.the intervention group had approximately more protein intake

which as we’ve discussed is really helpful for the body. Protein has actually been shown to be just as effective as

whey protein in promoting muscle growth so as long as you’re hitting your calorie targets.

Your macro goals protein from any high quality source.

Like cleanish protein for many people whey protein doesn’t really sit well int heir stomach but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a protein powder

that will work for you.

For example a lot of people like dustin also really take welded peaprot ein and

other plant-based proteins in cleanish protein along with the peat protein you also get milled flaxseed

and chia protein powder meaning that in each serving of 20 grams of high quality protein you’re also getting three grams of fiber.

That’s help you keep from snacking and it’s keep your gut healthy .

So this additional fiber also helps enhance cleanish protein to be used as a meal replacement protein powder .

You know many people find that they just don’t have the time to cook a full meal life is busy i totally get it.

I love my protein smoothies and i can link to those recipes for you below but

hey sometimes you don’t even have time to make a protein smoothie .

Blend all the ingredients together and so if you find that that happens to you a lot it can be really easy to just grab a bottle a

dd some water and mix together your protein powder for an easy meal replacement if you’re wanting to

make that meal a little bit larger you can grab a bagel and add some cream cheese or an ezekiel

english muffin with a little bit of grass-fed butter and just

make that a fuller meal that way you’re getting your high protein your healthy

complex carbs and some good quality fats as well usually something i have on a daily basis now of course i don’ ts

ecomm end replacing all of your mealswit h protein shakes along with these essential nutrients

whole foods al provide you a ton of micronutrients and

other organic compounds that can help your body in a lot of ways so you don’t

want to miss out entirely on those if you need some help on calculating your macros so you understand

what macro intake you need check out my

video on how to calculate your macros i also have a delicious seven day weight loss meal plan and that packs in a ton of whole foods and protein

and fiber into those seven days so i’ll link to both of those videos so you can check

those out

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