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Vitamin & Supplements

This blog is all about Vitamin and Supplements . 

All supplements are somehow food supplements or

designed to compensate for what one could otherwise get from food.

But simply not the case many supplements are compounds that are

extremely efficacious for instance for enhancing sleep or for enhancing hormone function or for enhancing focus .

 Many of those compounds are simply not found in food or are not found in enough abundance

in food to have the desired effect. Now that raises the issue as to whether or not these compounds are good to take safe to take.

 Whether or not they are actually beneficial for us ? 

The short answer is that like everything else Vitamin and Supplements can either be good for us or dangerous for us .

Depending on dosage, sourcing etc.

 But more importantly we need to think about Vitamin and Supplements. 

A rational guide to supplementation as taking into account a number of different factors.

 We need to set aside the idea that all non-prescription compounds that fall under

this umbrella term supplements are simply things that could be extracted from food.

 But most people don’t either ingest enough of those foods or pay enough attention to their diet in order to obtain them .

We can give you a number of different very specific questions that you can answer in order to decide whether

or not you should be taking any so-called supplements or not and whether or not you should be taking

one type of supplement or another type of supplement more or less than the other .

I’m also going to discuss safety of course and I will discuss cost because obviously monetary cost is a serious consideration.

Most if not everybody considering the use of supplements. 

In this blog also discuss which specific supplements are optimal for achieving specific endpoints

such as improved sleep such as improved focus and such as improved hormone function .

Also  plan to cover the full range of what normally referred to as so-called foundational supplements.

Foundational supplements are designed to act as a sort of health policy against any deficiencies that might exist within your diet.

 Supplements  that are non-prescription that are designed to achieve very specific endpoints. 

Such as enhanced Focus over the next four to six hours of physical work or mental work so on .

We can also discuss, 

How supplements interact with other things such as behavioural tools prescription drugs? 

When supplements might be a good alternative to prescription drugs?

 When they might not be a good alternative to prescription drugs? 

When supplements can serve as an augment to already excellent nutrition and prescription protocols?

 Every feature of supplements as it relates to mental health ,physical health and performance. 

Blog cover all different questions  and before that will allow you to develop the most biologically

effective and cost-effective supplement regimen for you.

 Want to acknowledge that for some people the total amount or dosages of a given supplement

were supplements that you might need to take could be zero there are such individuals .

 Many people can in fact arrive tremendous benefit from supplements in a way that

can be more cost effective than trying to obtain the same non-prescription nutrients

from food as we head into this blog I want to emphasize.

Hierarchy of Tools/Interventions, Developing a Supplementation Protocol

Something very important not just as it relates to supplements .

But as it relates to all aspects of mental health, physical health and performance.

Behavioral tools that is specific actions that we take and specific actions that

we avoid form the foundation of mental health, physical health and performance .

So things like viewing morning sunlight and exercise are behavioral tools they don’t require the ingestion of anything.

 Behavioral tools there are also some don’ts  that can greatly enhance our mental health, physical health and performance .

Such as avoiding bright light exposure to your eyes between the hours of 10 pm and 4 am or avoiding caffeine too

late in the afternoon because even if you can fall asleep after ingesting caffeine in the late afternoon. 

We know it disrupts the architecture of your sleep in ways that greatly diminish your mental health physical health and performance .

 So behavioral tools form the foundational layer of all tools for mental health, physical health and performance .

Second , in fact nutrition no amount of supplementation or non-prescription compounds or prescription compounds

for that matter can never compensate for poor nutrition.

 Many supplements are not simply food supplements because they are not designed to compensate for anything

that you could otherwise get from food .

That is not to say that you can live on supplements.

 You could live on whey protein and fish oil capsules and vitamin capsules or tablets for a short while .

But before long you’d either suffer from boredom to the extent that you’d want to go back to food or

some other deficiency would show up.

 It’s the rare individual that tries to survive entirely on food supplement.

 Everybody is paying attention to their nutrition.

 On top  nutrition and of course that’s going to

mean different things to different people with the understanding that there’s a huge array

of different food choices and nutritional programs.

 Nutrition is fundamentally important for macro nutrients for storage of energy in the form of glycogen fats .

 Obtaining basic nutrients vitamins minerals and micro-nutrients. 

 Behavioral tools and nutritional tools then on top of that I would place what is typically called supplementation.

 Although trying to expand that word to include not just things that compensate for food deficiencies or

that are layered on top of food as a way to enhance the amount of nutrients that you could get from food .

The compounds that are non-prescription that can be for a variety of different purposes and many of

which are not available in food. So I would place supplementation right on top of nutrition.

 Prescription drugs obviously prescribed from a board-certified MD can serve a very vital

purpose in the treatment or augmentation of mental health, physical health and performance.

So some people do in fact need prescription antidepressants other people do not .

Some people do in fact need prescription drugs for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or sleep related disorders so on.

Whole issue of whether or not there is an over prescription epidemic or

notum is a separate conversation for a separate blog I would argue that many prescription drugs

do in fact save lives this includes the category of prescription drugs related to stains and cardiovascular health.

Even sleep disorders and insomnia narcolepsy and so forth that said there are many instances in

which people can either reduce their dosages of prescription compounds or can replace those prescription

compounds with quality behavioral tools nutrition and supplementation.

But there are many instances in which prescription drugs are the only route by which people can achieve

the mental health, physical health and performance goals .

 It’s vitally important that anytime you are thinking of adding or subtracting any behavioural protocols nutritional

protocols supplementation based protocols .

 Certainly prescription drug based protocols for whatever purpose that you consult a trusted board-certified

physician that’s absolutely essential.

 Protect you the most important aspect of this blog is not going to be that you discover one particular supplement

or category of supplements or blend of supplements that is going to transform your mental health, physical health and performance.

The purpose of this blog is for you to understand where you have needs that can be met by supplementation better than any other approach.

Most importantly how to think about supplementation and  that is how to think about the different categories of

supplements that are out there and how those interact with your nutrition and your behaviors so that you can maximize

your immediate and long-term health .

Supplements or supplementation but that means many many different things .it may means  vitamins or

 it may means minerals or it may means adaptions.

 Discussion is really about you learning how to think about supplementation .

The same way you would learn to think about nutrition or exercise or anything related to brain and body health.

 For that matter in a way that lets you navigate this vast space that we call supplementation and develop protocols that are optimal for you.

 It may be the case that the ideal dosage of a given supplement for you is zero milligrams for instance if I ask you are

you sleeping deeply and enough each night .

Do you feel rested throughout the day maybe you need a short nap and that’s it or maybe you don’t .

 You say yes I feel great I sleep great I wake up feeling great I only need a short nap or no nap during the day to

feel rested throughout the day.

 Really no discussion about sleep supplementation. 

However if you are not sleeping well then a big discussion opens up as to what the reasons are as it relate to nutrition

or when you’re exercising or ingesting caffeine.

The discussion and thinking about supplementation in a larger context and think about how specific

supplements that is specific ingredients and combinations of ingredients can indeed be used to buffer

and support your overall health and lead you to specific health and performance outcomes

Vitamin and Supplements ingredient formulations

Single ingredient formulations are essential for most all aspects effects of developing a rational highly efficacious supplement regimen.

 That’s because the ideal supplement regimen allows you to adjust the dosages individual.

  It also allows you for instance to assess whether or not one given ingredient works for you and another ingredient does not .

 It also allows you to assess whether or not any side effects originate from a specific component of your supplement protocol .

Another advantage of supplements is that they ship anywhere in the world To sleep augmentation hormone augmentation enhancing.

  An electrolyte drink that has everything you need and nothing you don’t that means plenty of

sodium magnesium and potassium the so-called electrolytes and no sugar getting sufficient hydration.

 Electrolytes is key to brain health and body health and that’s because every cell in your brain.

 Body relies on having enough electrolytes available in order to function this is especially true of the so-called neurons or nerve cells in your brain.

 They actually require sufficient amounts of sodium and potassium and magnesium .

Especially sodium and potassium available to them in order to fire what are called action potentials or electrical signals .

That’s what allows you to think to feel to move what gives you energy. 

 So when you are dehydrated often times you will need to get electrolytes .

 If you’re exercising a lot or if you sweat a lot but  not consuming enough water.Best way to electrolytes

in the form of liquids which foods throughout the day .

 Electrolyte ratio of 1 000 milligrams of sodium 200 milligrams of potassium and 60 milligrams of magnesium.

Role of Supplements, Foundational Vitamin and Supplements

 let’s talk about supplements and supplementation

 How to develop a rational supplementation regimen?

 One of the things that’s really emerged over the last 20 years is that Vitamin and Supplements .

 Referring to non-prescription compounds designed to augment nutrition prescription drugs.

 Behavioral protocols have emerged as a mainstay within the health and wellness .

 The medical communities that are focused on developing mental health, physical health and performance for patients and also athletes.

That 20 years ago a discussion about supplements would mainly take place within the niche communities

of health food stores or particular athletes ,

Nowadays I think almost everyone is familiar with standard Vitamin and Supplements.

There are also supplements such as Vitamin D3 which are designed to make sure that people

have certain amounts of hormones in their bloodstream because they might not be getting enough Sunshine .

That there is no pill replacement for Sunshine nor food replacement for that matter for exercise or for

social connection or for sleep or for simply getting smarter again.

 There is no capsule nor tablet that’s going to replace excellent behavioral protocols.

 In fact a physician friend of mine has a great saying that I think everybody should keep in mind as we wade into this conversation

which is that Better Living .

I think that’s a very important phrase to keep in mind when thinking about the optimal supplementation or prescription drug  for you .

What is a ideal supplementation?  

 To take a step back and ask what are different supplements designed to do.

 For instance there are foundational supplements.These are supplements that are designed to establish a foundation or

provide Insurance along with your nutritional intake to ensure that you’re getting all the things that you need in order to

have a basic level of mental health, physical health and opportunity for Optimal Performance .

Now this is the one category of supplements for which I think it’s appropriate and in fact advantageous to

have multiple ingredients in a given Vitamin and Supplements .

The advantage of mainly focusing on taking single ingredient formulations for a variety of reasons.

But when it comes to foundational supplements what we’re mainly talking about are supplements that contain vitamins

and minerals that are designed to compensate for any deficiencies you might have from diet or from lack of adequate diet.

 How would such a lack of vitamin and mineral intake arise ?

well for instance if you’re somebody that practices

  1. Intermittent fasting or other components of fasting 
  2.  You’re somebody who does not get enough vitamins and minerals from vegetables and fruits and Grains and meats well .

Then taking a supplement that can act like  health policy against any vitamin mineral deficiencies in many ways can be advantageous .

 Well all that vitamin and mineral supplements do is give you very expensive urine and there the Skeptics 

are referring to the fact the reality that when you ingest high levels of water-soluble vitamins so think vitamin C and

some of the other vitamins that indeed you will excrete them in your urine.

 However it’s also the case that many people are not getting enough of the water-soluble vitamins from their foods.

 typical vitamin mineral supplement is indeed going to cover the gaps or deficiencies that might arise in the water-soluble

vitamins from your food intake.

 The reality is that most people are getting enough of the water-soluble vitamins from their food if they are paying attention to a couple of things .

Those things are very simple to lay out regardless of whether or not you’re a vegan a vegetarian a more traditional omnivore

eating from both animal-based and plant-based sources grains.

Even if you’re in the pure carnivore or strict I guess it’s called the Lion diet where it’s just meat and salt regardless of what

type of nutrition you follow you will get vitamins and minerals .

You do not want to take high levels of fat soluble vitamins because they will be stored in your system potentially to

levels that are dangerous again provided that vitamin mineral supplements are not taken in excess it’s unlikely that

you’re going to have such a buildup of the fat soluble vitamins


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